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"Quality You Can See"

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Toronto's Full Service Video and Digital Media Production Center

   "Since 1981"

PHONE: 416- 449-7614         FAX: 416- 449-9239


We Can Convert:


Digital 8 PAL & NTSC

We can convert any video format to:

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MPSL is Toronto's full service video and digital media production center.


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Since 1981, MPSL has provided quality video production services to the broadcast and corporate television production industries.  MPSL's facilities include a one-thousand square foot video production studio, a Betacam SP on-line video editing suite, and  Pinnacle "Reeltime" real-time non-linear on-line editing suite.

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Production, video editing, computer animation, duplication, standards conversion, teleprompting services and CD-ROM/DVD production are all carried out in our six-thousand square foot facility, which is conveniently located near the center of Toronto, just minutes from downtown.rec1s.jpg (7218 bytes)

Linear and non-linear off-line edit suites, video duplication and international standards conversion facilities, and digital workstations for animation, CD-ROM / DVD production, video capture and multimedia file conversion to video provide all the services required by video and multimedia producers.